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Tent Weight and Types In many ways, the weight of a backpacking tent is its defining feature. You can get down to around 2 pounds without moving into tarp or shelter territory, but as weight goes down, there are compromises in space and durability. Finding the right balance of weight, performance, and comfort was one of our primary considerations when putting together this list, and below are the categories we created in doing so. For a full breakdown on this topic, see our detailed backpacking tent weight comparison chart. These ultralight options push the limits on durability for the all-out goal of trimming weight wherever reasonably possible. Ultralight tents are perfect for serious, ounce-counting backpackers who take good care of their gear. For the purposes of this article, all of our tent picks have poles to support the structure. There is, however, a whole other world of backpacking shelters and trekking pole supported tarps that make our ultralight models look downright heavy some weigh as little as 7 ounces not including trekking poles. Typically produced by small, cottage brands like Zpacks, Six Moon Designs, and Mountain Laurel Designs, they can be awesome for dedicated minimalists and thru hikers but require a higher level of expertise in getting a proper pitch.

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Cameras I take backpacking: There is no right choice! Each camera has its strengths and weakness. The Best Backpacking Cameras I take the following two cameras on almost every trip: The table below shows why this is so.

Kids love camping, and Sonoma County’s campgrounds are easy getaways for Northern California families. Campgrounds at Doran and Westside regional parks in Bodega Bay offer sites steps from the beach and boat launches on Bodega Harbor.

Here is some of the gear featured in this article: As a guide up in Montana, I am grateful for the opportunity to a test a lot of gear, b enjoy the high altitude hostility of the fringe seasons, and c show others the incredible majesty of the mountains. Who should read this article? This holiday backpacking gear gift guide might be of interest to you if: What type of gear is in this review?

Black Diamond Ion Headlamp Weight: As LED technology improves, manufacturers continue to push the limits by packing more features and performance into smaller and lighter packages. Why you should consider the Black Diamond Ion Headlamp: The new model is a much better performer. Inevitably, I would lament the expense of dropping a bunch of cash on sunglasses that would be all but worn out after a season of fishing, hiking, backpacking, packrafting, snowshoeing, skiing, and Sierra -walking.

Having spent the better part of my adult life analyzing backpacking and mountaineering gear performance, I figured it was time to allocate some of my analytical energy to the sunglasses market.

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Introduction Trailhead Options There are many more than the three excellent trailhead options described below along the West and Southwest shores of the Lake Tahoe Basin from where we can begin our Southbound backpacking trips to Yosemite, or on down the length of the Sierra Crest Trails to Mount Whitney. Refer to the maps above to find your own alternative Lake Tahoe Trailhead to begin your local or long distance backpacking trips. Desolation and Meiss Country in the Tahoe Basin, and even Round Top in the Carson Pass Management Area just outside the Tahoe Basin near Carson Pass, are all excellent places for less experienced backpackers to develop fitness and skills by taking a few short preparatory backpacking trips before hiking from Tahoe to Yosemite, or all the way down to Mount Whitney.

More rookie backpackers attempting the PCT there are many every year would succeed if they started with a few shorter trips before jumping onto the long trails. The Beauty and Utility of the Lake Tahoe Basin The Tahoe Basin is a good place to work out our gear issues, finish off breaking in a set of boots, come to a gradual understanding with the nature of the workload, and get us used to life on the trail before we commit to a long backpacking trip.

This guide is tailored to provide information for experienced long distance backpackers to plan long distance backpacking trips along the Sierra Crestline.

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Furry friend or foe? Dogs on the trail One topic that comes sniffing around every once in a while concerns dogs, and meeting them on the trail. These are some memories of dogs in France and Spain. Sometimes, along the way you may cross your own path… The most northerly of the pilgrim paths in France bears the Latin name via Turonensis — the Tours route.

Park Description: Hook Mountain State Park. Hook Mountain State Park, Nyack Beach State Park and Rockland Lake State Park are contiguous and part of the Palisades Interstate Park system. Just north of the Nyacks, the Palisades ridge, which had moved inland to .

Write a Review and share your opinions! I’ve used the Hex for year with just a groundsheet, but this inner is so much better and will undoubtedly keep the flying nasties out too. The fit is great and is idea for a single person, I’m 6′ 1″ and found it to be just right, with enough space for some kit too. It easily hooked onto the pegs used for the tent. It was windy and I had all the main and in between guys pegged out, so 13 pegs in all, providing lots of options.

There is a loop at the top of the Hex for attaching the inner hook, but it’s difficult to get at when the pole is in place. So I just ran a piece of rubber tubing around the top of the pole with a para-cord loop and hooked the inner onto that. All it all a great bit of kit – should of got this a long time back, but very pleased with having it now.

Thanks Was this helpful to you? Was this helpful to you? I know its not made to fit the MLD Trailstar, but you can make do with it, and for the price, its quite cheap compared to original inner.

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How to Save on Car Rentals Plan an itinerary. This will be affected by how long you have to travel. At bare minimum, I suggest at least three nights in any location but if you can stay longer all the better. As for your what you want to do when you get where you’re going, make sure that you book the really popular activities that you absolutely want to do in advance. Otherwise, leave yourself lots of room to be spontaneous. Book accommodation – tentatively.

The Ultimate Backpacking Outfit. Brent Rose. 8/22/12 pm. and a foldable hook on top so you can hang it, but it collapses down to the size of a soda can. 4 AA batteries give it 60 hours of.

These custom made metal hooks are attached to a Lineloc 3 adjuster. They allow you to easily unclip either tent door independently, and cinch them tight. Our current tents include these hooks. Older tents can be upgraded. Note that if you have a Duplex or Triplex you will need two of these, one for each pair of doors. This does not include any cord. Newer Plex tents include a toggle at the center of the storm doors to keep them pinned closed in the wind. You can retrofit older tents with stick-on toggles and stick on loops which are found over on our Tape page.

If you have a Duplex or Triplex you will need two toggles and two loops to secure both pairs of doors.

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10 Best Altimeter Watch for Hiking and Backpacking – Reviews 1. Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch. When you hook up to the hotspot, you can update the software, and you only should be in range. Things to Consider For Best Altimeter Watch for Hiking and Backpacking in Features.

Packed Size Excellent The Tarptent Notch is a one person double walled tent that can be pitched as a standalone fly or a complete double walled tent with an inner nest and rain fly, making it a cost-effective option for many kinds of trips ranging from UL fast packs to car camping. This design provides a lot more space for an occupant than a pyramid tarp with a center pole.

Ventilation With dual zippered vestibules, The Notch has excellent ventilation, including keeper toggles along the side seams, so you can roll up the side doors. You can also regulate the amount of airflow by pitching the fly higher, so there is more space between the ground and the bottom of the fly, or lower, so the fly bottom is flush with the ground.

Dual vestibules provide excellent cross-ventilation The Notch also has two end ports, which can be opened or closed with a flap of silnylon, to allow more airflow through the inner. These are useful in cooler weather to prevent cold air from blowing onto your head and feet, and in warmer weather, to prevent condensation in those same locations. Although these struts complicate storage of the fly a bit in transit, they are one of the reasons that the interior space in The Notch is so livable.

Publisher’s Gear Guide: My Personal Lightweight Backpacking Gear Recommendations of 2017

GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. The right stove makes life on the trail better. How to Choose a Backpacking Stove The right stove depends on a variety of factors. What works for one person might not suit your particular adventures. Read on for tips on choosing the best backpacking stove.

How to Choose a Backpacking Stove. And they are a plug & play set-up for the most part. Hook up the canister, light the stove and away you go. Plenty of power for group cooking. But you will pay the price in weight and literally with your wallet (not just for the stove, but for the fuel as well).

Page Content Primitive Camping in State Forests and Parks Primitive camping, also sometimes referred to as backpacking, is a true wilderness camping experience. There are no modern conveniences such as bathroom and shower facilities. You pack in what you need to camp for the night. Obtain a camping permit if staying more than one night in an area in a state forest Make a reservation for a trail shelter in a state park While backpacking and camping in state forests and parks, please practice the Leave No Trace guidelines.

Primitive and Motorized Camping in State Forests Enjoy the solitude and tranquility of spending a few nights in a state forest. With more than 2, miles of trails, outdoor enthusiasts find endless opportunities for hiking and camping.

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Camper Van Info Rented from: Wifi hot spot, cookware, utensils, flatware, two types of camp stoves, potable water container, 4 sleeping bags, table. Northern Lights sighting outside of Reykjavik. Our favorite Icelandic meal — gas station hot dogs. It kind reminded me of a Dairy Queen back in the states.

Camping tent trailers, or pop up tents, are easy to set up and provide a comfortable way to enjoy the great g them up is different than setting up a standard tent. Here’s what you should know. Step 1 – Placement. Deciding where to place your tent trailer is just as important as setting it up.

Day Campground is located seven miles north of Empire, Michigan on state route M The campground is located approximately one and one-half miles west of Glen Arbor, Michigan on the north side of Michigan State Route M The address is Stocking Drive, Empire, Michigan The Dune Climb is located 5. When is the park open? Hart Visitor Center in Empire, Michigan is open from 8: During the summer months extended hours are 8: For other hours of operation, contact the visitor center front desk at extension What does it cost to enter the park?

There is no fee to drive on the county and state roads that run through the park, but if you plan to stop at any of the attractions or use the park land for swimming, hiking, skiing, etc. There are also fees for camping and backpacking. Where do I buy my Park Pass?

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