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Iron Age artifacts discovered: Reveals clues of past civilizations Prehistoric cauldrons, an ancient sword and metalwork dating back to the 3rd century B. Archaeologists dug up artifacts in what they believe to be potential ritual, feasting and ceremonial sites and will help point to clues of how the ancient people lived. Archaeologists in the U. The haul was uncovered by archaeologists from the University of Leicester at Glenfield Park, Leicestershire. Other items found include dress pins, a 3rd-century B. The hoard has delighted experts.

Sunderland AFC’s opening day delights – and disasters

It’s better than heroine, right? Well here I am. I’ve gotta say, I kinda ruined it for myself back in the “Myspace” days. Ya know, when you had your blog right there on your profile so you could post stories about how Johnny McJackoff kissed another girl and now your life is a dark abyss.

Dating disasters and delights. Since it was the week before Halloween, one dating disasters and delights the local clubs was hosting a showing of old cheesy horror movies like Reanimator” and such. Go to her house, takes me upstairs to her room.

So when the bill arrived, the cheeky twinkle in his eye had me relaxed and a little relieved when he reached to pick it up. On the way home I lied about my tube stop and afterwards never returned his call. If we decided on a place together, we split it. Kay, 30, from London: I went out with a guy I met at a singles event. We chatted a bit and he seemed nice, so we set up a date.

We ended up at a restaurant, but opted for drinks and dessert rather than a full meal. On the date it soon became clear that we were very different. But the best part was when, about half an hour into the date, he started to meditate in the middle of the restaurant. I was too shocked. After dessert, he said he was available for a second date.

In the end we ended up going Dutch on the bill. Tim, 45, from Brighton:

dating delights and dating disasters

I believe I have finally found the person I am meant to be with. Someone kind and full of passion. Relationships take work so I guess we shall see in the long run what happens.

dating delights and dating disasters Tuesday, 29 May Once upon a time a Knight in shining Armour came and rescued me from the world of internet dating, He was funny, quirky and we laughed and laughed until the cows came home.

At first appearance it is a simple two-hander about a young woman, Anna, who arranges to meet a potential suitor, chosen from an online dating site. But the hour-long show’s tension is heightened by the fact it is unscripted and its creator, Bojana Novakovic, who plays Anna, doesn’t know who her leading man, or woman, will be each night. Attending an arts festival event can be like agreeing to a blind date. The prospect can excite, unnerve and is equally ripe for disaster or delight. During a performance of Blind Date seen by this reporter – no two evenings are the same – Anna’s friend phoned early in the night to find out if she ”needed rescuing”.

No, she told her. Heidrun Lohr Sydney’s date with the incoming festival director, Lieven Bertels, got off to a rockier start: But one week on, few would be hoping a friend comes to the rescue just yet. The Daptone Super Soul Revue, the festival’s free opening night concert, drew a good-sized and enthusiastic crowd to The Domain. Song Dong’s monumental installation of everyday objects collected by his mother over half a century moved or confused onlookers at Carriageworks.

Advertisement Still, rumblings about a modest opening weekend persisted into Tuesday. Unlike the smaller Blind Date Project, this was a true ”festival show”, incessantly European, grand in ambition, baffling and wonderful beyond words. The opening-nighters loved it, and it will likely remain the show of the festival when the final curtain falls in two weeks.

It was one of 13 performances that opened that night, which also marked the first night of the buzz-generating About an Hour program, a mini festival within a festival, at Carriageworks.

Dating Disasters

Her husband…had…died…two days ago. I went on a date with a gal who was so beautiful that I felt she was out of my league. She was also very friendly and warm and funny.

Fans took to Twitter to express their delight with the baking show’s return, sharing hilarious observations about this year’s class of bakers and their culinary delights and disasters. Here.

Its not all about me!!!!!!! Its not about me.. She knows I am doing this. It was all about getting together with friends. The decided to have a game of darts and chat and the evening was going on Jolly smoothly as one would expect after drinking 7 bottles of prosecco between 4. Anyway my funny friend being the nutter that she is decided to have a bit of tom foolery with a mad professor look alike.

As he walked past her she noted the wild prof hair and decided to ruffle it She thought that was the end of that. They got chatting and because she loved his hair so much NOT she had a picture taken with him.

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Paul Berry After building the product for Huffington Post, and owning the product and engineering groups at AOL after we were acquired, it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current CMS offering gave the world and what the world needed. Five years later we are at scale, moving the needle and doing to WordPress what Airbnb did to Craigslist. Social and Centralized WordPress, Drupal, and the custom CMS solutions of the world are all independent, non-connected instances that each need to be updated individually.

There are over 87 million instances of WordPress alone in the world, and each security upgrade, feature update, and every other single thing has to be updated for each site individually.

It’s funny, deeply honest, and above all, truly swoony—the kind of all-consuming romance where you hold your breath with delight as two wonderful people start to .

Bristol Omnibus and Gloucester City Council operated these services, overseen by a joint committee. The bus itself was scrapped in Sept In York and Bristol, where similar arrangements applied, Road Service Licences were in the joint names of the Corporation and company. Incidentally the bus is working service , formerly 8.

Major Chapple had just left West Yorkshire to take control of the Bristol enterprise, and his experience with the Keighley and York organisational set-up must have proved of great value. Was the Bath situation set up in a similar fashion, or was that a direct acquisition, with it being a company and not a municipality? I am not aware of the BET organisations making similar agreements with municipal fleets, but perhaps someone will be able to tell us if that were the case?

John Whitaker Scrapped after only 17 years…What a waste of a thoroughly sound, ideal-for-the-job bus. Or did the Cave-Brown-Cave equipment hasten its demise? Southdown and Portsmouth Corporation entered into a fare-sharing operation after the war, having toyed with the idea pre-war. This agreement involved route-balancing at the end of each financial year, a fascinating sight to see for bus enthusiasts. Thus, Southdown buses, staffed by Corporation staff, appeared some years on Corporation routes and vice versa.

Not only did the efficacy of engine cooling suffer, but the very concept of hot water continually sloshing around at the front of the upper saloon meant that the vehicle interior continued to heat up in the hottest of weather.

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Dead Sea scrolls The appearance of Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls is somewhat more contentious, with one indisputable reference in the Song for a Sage 4Q , and a promising additional allusion found by A. Baumgarten in The Seductress 4Q The first and irrefutable Lilith reference in the Song occurs in 4Q , fragment 1: Akin to Isaiah

I started dating when I was I wasn’t good at making friends and so instead of trying to meet guys the “normal” way I started answering personal ads in the news paper.

Thursday, 16 June Debenhams Disasters and Delights! As always, I ended up in Debenhams lingerie department last week. I noticed they have a few nice new bras in, so I gave them a whirl, leaving my boyfriend, yet again, aimlessly andering around the reast of the store. As always, I tried this in a 30G, and had no problems with the typically snug Debenhams band. The problem was in the straps, that are stretchy and too long. I know this can be rectified in a few minutes with a needle and thread, but it’s still annoying, nonetheless.

See how, in the second photo, the uplift of the breast is acheived by simply shortening the straps? I LOVE the styling of this bra, contrasting colours and ribbons are my favourite! The fit is fine, again in a 30G. I’m quite tempted to buy this one, but yet again, the straps are too long! I want uplift, damnit! It’s a Wonderbra, and I think it’s model name is ‘Dream’.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle delight two girls, 10, by posing for picture in New Zealand

By Katie Logue Share At just twenty-six-years-old, my world crumbled around me. The facade of a life I had been pretending to enjoy crumbled around me. The death of my beloved grandfather was shortly followed by my long overdue filing for divorce. At the time, my son was just three years old. My situation was disastrous. Admittedly, I spent too many nights drowning my sorrows in cheap boxed wine, neglecting myself daily as I barely ate, slept, socialized with friends, or even exercised.

These thoughts prompted me to write a blog post called, “Keeping the Romance Alive: It’s Not Ok to Fart in Front of Your Lover” on Dating Disasters and Delights. I know many people think.

Shopping A delightful Lincolnshire village Navenby, a former Victorian market town has all the delights of a quintessential village setting, with a range of great community amenities to match. A Grade II listed building, the house is now a prime tourist site being such a rare preservation of authentic Victorian living. Navenby Antiques Centre is filled with everything from jewellery and ornaments to books and pottery.

Just 11 miles from Navenby is the historic city of Lincoln. St Marks Shopping centre is an open-air shopping experience and boasts a fantastic range of fashion, homeware, gifts and toys. Family days out could include a trip to Lincoln Cathedral or Lincoln Castle, or you could visit the horses, ponies and donkeys at Bransby Horses rescue centre. The Collection is an award-winning archaeology museum with interactive exhibitions and tours and you could even take in all the sights on an open-top bus tour.

9 Dating App Dates That Ended Badly

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